About Yohan

Yohan Anthony Harouny


Son of Elie and Rita

Brother of Ryan



Yohan was born in Ajaltoun-Lebanon, on August 28, 1998. We were so happy to have a little brother for Ryan who was 2 years old at the time. Yohan was a gentle, calm, smiley and very healthy child who brought happiness to our little family.


Yohan attended St. Joseph Antoura since kindergarten. Then he lived in Montreal between 2004 and 2008 where he attended the St. Gérard School in Pierrefonds.


He returned to Lebanon in July 2008 and continued his studies in his 1st college where he was graduated in 2016, with distinction and honor grade in the French baccalaureate.


A serious and ambitious student, Yohan excelled at the medical entrance exam of the French Faculty of Medicine – St. Joseph University in Beirut and began his long journey in this field, with the serenity that is typical of him. We never saw him stressed – always calm and composed in all circumstances.


Yohan had many friends and always loved family reunions.


On April 22, 2016, while taking his French baccalaureate test, a swimming and rescue event which required intense physical exertion, Yohan felt a great discomfort in the end, along with dizziness, and even difficulty catching his breath!


He was taken to the infirmary and, after examining him, the nurse advised him to see a cardiologist as soon as possible. The next day we visited the cardiologist, who administered the necessary examinations and diagnosed a problem in his heart rhythm, an arrhythmia, and directed us to a heart rhythm specialist.


Further tests were completed and Yohan began to undergo drug therapy, with surveillance every 2 months. Several physicians were consulted as well and they all agreed on the above treatment.


Everything seemed to be going well. He continued his normal life without any symptoms or embarrassment – going to the university, out with his friends – leading an effortlessly normal life. Intense sports were restricted.



yohan harouny


Yohan was a believing and practicing boy. He read his gospel every evening, prayed his rosary and went to mass every Sunday, often to confession. An example to follow in his conduct and faith.


He never worried us.


He was too good to be true… and God wanted him with him all too soon. May His Will be done!


We are discovering more of him now through his friends. Because he was very humble and never boasted in front of us, we are now finding out that he was a champion in chess, and that everyone was intimidated to play a game with him because he’d beat them within a few minutes.


His fine and subtle humor touched all those who knew him. He loved playing the piano and was very talented, an artist at heart. He loved traveling with us and discovering the world. He was curious about everything with a particular talent in technology. He was our guide and we trusted him.


On April 5, 2017, he had an exam at the faculty and sent me a message that he did very well. That same evening, he was studying in his room, at his grandfather’s house in Beirut, where he stayed with his brother during the week…


And around 9:00 in the evening his grandfather went to wish him a good night and he found him collapsed on the floor beside his desk… Red Cross was called, ambulance came, took him to the hospital, tried resuscitation, but it was too late. His heart had stopped beating. Sudden fatal cardiac arrest and nothing could have been done…!


An angel was born in paradise.


Yohan had a short but happy life, full of love both given and received. He left us too soon, leaving us with the great emptiness of his physical absence, but with the only certainty that consoles us: he is alive, happy in paradise, with Jesus, Mary and all those who have preceded us.


Far from the eyes but always present in our hearts, every moment.